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Blog // Connect Ohio

Who you gonna call? Connect Ohio! A Connect Ohio Technical Assistance Blog

By Kelly Carroll

Did you ever wonder what Internet service providers (ISPs) are located in your area? Is Internet access becoming more important to your children’s education? Are you looking for a job and need access to Internet-based resources?  

All of these are important question and examples of common inquiries that we receive at Connect Ohio on a daily basis. These are what we call Broadband Inquires (BBIs). As shared in our Q1 2015 Report, the following are examples of broadband inquiries we received last quarter: 

  • We moved here two years ago and are unable to get Internet access. You see, I am a deaf engineering professional who (used) to rely on logging in [to my] work computer from home during the off hours. Now, I have to drive 20 minutes to the workplace location, just to do some basic computer functions. We are just ½ mile away from the nearest tap!
  • We are planning to relocate to the Lebanon-Cincinnati area. We have an in-home business and need fiber optics for the speed. Can you help us identify areas where we should be looking to get the fiber optic speed?

Broadband inquires that we field arrive to us through numerous pathways including via our website, through e-mail, or as a referral from a government official. However, most often they are phone calls from Ohioans in need of assistance in finding answers to these important questions. 

Frequently, callers simply want to know who provides Internet to their location. If they have access, Connect Ohio can provide the basic contact information and providers that service their area using Connect Ohio’s My ConnectView™ interactive map for guidance.  Unfortunately, not all questions regarding Internet access are easy to answer, and the solution might be more complicated.  If a location is unserved, the address is added to the database of unserved locations and it will be mapped and aggregated with other inquiries from the same area. Further speed tests and/ or site visits may be required, and may also require outreach from our Technical Assistance to the provider(s), providing support for all parties in the process. Sometimes success is achieved simply by bringing greater awareness to the area.

In fielding BBI’s, Connect Ohio tries to make its responses as informative as possible and provide all possible solutions.  It takes very seriously its role as a trusted advisor in broadband access, adoption, and use for Ohio, and Connect Ohio is here to help expand and promote connectivity statewide.




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