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Blog // Connect Ohio

South Elementary School Receives New Computers

By Lyndsey Kleven

Connect Ohio presented the children of South Elementary School of Cambridge City School District with 20 computers Tuesday, November 19, to update its computer lab. The computers were donated on behalf of the Connect Appalachia Broadband Initiative (CABI) Fund, a Connect Ohio initiative to provide computers and technology connectivity to low-income Appalachian Ohio areas in need. Recent financial contributions from Intel for the CABI Fund made this donation possible with the computers being provided by a Columbus-based nonprofit Community Computer Alliance.

“Many of our children do not have Internet access or computers at home so it is essential that we provide technology experiences at school,” said Linda Halterman, principal at South Elementary School. “It is a tremendous blessing to receive this donation and we thank Maribeth Wright for making the initial contact with Stu Johnson, executive director of Connect Ohio, and his commitment in seeking these computers for our students. Our teachers and students have been excitedly anticipating this computer delivery.”  

The mission of CABI is to pull Appalachia Ohio to within state and national standards in broadband adoption by identifying and coordinating resources required for facilitating affordable broadband access and driving adoption through digital literacy. The CABI Fund was created in January of 2013, administered through the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio to provide individuals, corporations, and foundations a platform to participate in the cause to help Appalachian Ohio get connected.

“CABI is thrilled to be able to make computer donations, such as to South Elementary School, that will impact a great number of students,” said Connect Ohio Executive Director Stu Johnson. “CABI has been working to connect Appalachian Ohio over the past year and Intel’s recent contributions to the CABI Fund are allowing us to be able to make an impact beyond the broadband access piece. The equipment that is available can be a crucial component to broadband adoption and we hope to continue to be able to donate computers regionally in a way that will impact the greatest number of individuals.”

Connect Ohio’s research reveals only 53% of Appalachian Ohio residents have broadband service in their home, significantly less than the state average of 71%. In 2012 more than 20,000 Appalachian Ohio households gained first-time access to the Internet in part through the efforts of CABI. The fund was created through initial investment from Chesapeake Energy, and along with Intel’s financial support has allowed the philanthropic effort to come to fruition.

“Intel is proud to be a member of CABI and support the CABI Fund to promote technology, availability, and equality at schools in Appalachian Ohio,” said Linda Kenworthy, business development manager for Intel Americas. “Technology is a tool that can help prepare students to accomplish more and inspire them to tackle local and global challenges — contributing to a better workforce and building stronger communities.”

“These partnerships will help provide Appalachian students with the technology and broadband access they need to learn and be successful,” said Jason Wilson, director of Governor’s Office of Appalachia.

Download Connect Ohio’s Technology Barriers and Adoption in Rural Appalachian Ohio report.

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