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Blog // Connect Ohio

New Study Shows 17% of Ohioans Take Advantage of Teleworking Opportunities

By Lyndsey Kleven

Download the report


According to Connect Ohio’s recently published report, The Impact of Teleworking on Ohio’s Workforce and Businesses, reveals new data showing that the number of Ohio employees who Telework is increasing to 17%, with approximately 783,000 now using a home Internet connection rather than commuting to their workplace. On average, teleworkers in Ohio collectively save an average of 2.19 billion commuting miles, saving them approximately $430 million in automobile operating costs a year.  

“Ohio can be proud that our broadband innovation allows nearly 800,000 Ohioans the flexibility to work remotely,” said Stu Johnson executive director of Connect Ohio. “Broadband Internet provides the opportunity for many to telework and transforms the workplace, and this report shows that increased broadband access and adoption fuels jobs and economic development. However, it’s discouraging to think that many of our fellow citizens are still excluded from these opportunities because of the lack in adequate broadband availability.”

Connect Ohio works to increase broadband access, adoption, and use. As part of this initiative, Connect Ohio has examined how teleworking impacts the state’s workforce and employers. The report shows that a growing number of businesses and residents are benefitting from the advantages of teleworking, allowing businesses to recruit and retain a better workforce, connecting employees to better jobs, no matter where they are located, all while seeing a significant savings in terms of commuting times and cost. The savings translate into large economic and environmental benefits to the entire state.

Additional key findings from this report include:

·        Of the 17% of employed teleworking adults in the state, approximately 301,000 work from home every day.


·        Ohio teleworkers tend to be more highly educated and have higher annual household incomes. Nearly nine out of ten Ohio teleworkers (88%) have a college education, and six out of ten have annual household incomes of $75,000 or more.


·        As a result of teleworking, Ohioans drive an estimated 2.19 billion fewer miles, saving them approximately $430 million in automobile operating costs, and reducing automotive CO2 production by 1.97 billion pounds.


·        The average teleworker gains more than 88 hours of time, or almost 4 full days each year, by not commuting.


·        In 2010, over one out of five (22%) Ohio businesses, or almost 59,000 businesses across the state, reported that they had employees who regularly worked from home during normal business hours.


·        Only 10% of rural Ohio employees work from home instead of commuting to their usual workplace, compared to 18% of non-rural Ohio employees. Almost one out of four (24%) rural Ohio businesses allowed employees to telework in 2010.


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