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Blog // Connect Ohio

Meigs County Resident Job Saved from New Era Broadband

By COH Staff

Written by: Max King, Policy Intern

Adam Roush of Meigs County found himself among the 47% of Ohioans (per Connect Ohio research) in Rural Appalachia without reliable broadband access in 2012. When Roush’s office in Athens, Ohio closed, he had the option of either making the two-hour commute to his new headquarters office in Columbus or losing his job. If he had broadband service, Roush could work from home, keeping his job and avoiding a long commute to Columbus.

In August 2012, Roush signed up with New Era Broadband Services. Desperate for Internet access, Roush removed trees on his property that limited his broadband accessibility in order to receive the top broadband package from New Era.

“If New Era wasn’t available in my area, I would be out of a job or commuting over a day in drive time only,” said Roush. “Working from home saves me and the state of Ohio money because they don’t have a permanent place for me to do my work, and I get to spend a lot more time with my family.”

In January, New Era finished the first half of an expansion project, building 13 new towers in Meigs County, and it now offers broadband to an estimated 3,300 residents who live in that area.

“I’m very happy that New Era has made it possible for people who live outside a bigger city to be able to enjoy Internet and work from home with the Internet packages that they offer,” added Roush. “I’m happy to say that by purchasing their product you get what you pay for and more.”

New Era has worked on many recent projects sponsored by Connect Ohio, that has been working to bridge the existing digital divide in the Meigs County area. New Era’s expansion in Meigs County started in January 2011 on a project where New Era provided Internet access to a fire station in Bashan when firefighters couldn’t complete their necessary online certifications.

This project and Roush’s story are both testaments to how Internet access saves people’s jobs. In the modern economy, Internet access is a vital asset for businesses and workers who want to be competitive. 


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