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Blog // Connect Ohio

Frontier Brings Broadband Options to Rural Ohio

By Lyndsey Kleven

Written by: Zach Gerhardt, Public Relations Intern

Frontier Communications is helping to bring broadband to a difficult-to-reach area of Ohio. The company recently expanded Internet access to previously unserved areas in Lynchburg and Clarksville. This will positively impact participants in Connect Ohio’s Digital Works program living in the areas, allowing even more residents to have the opportunity to telework from home. 

The Digital Works program helps participants become customer service agents for specific companies with the benefit of working from home if the proper technical requirements are met. Internet is a must-have for these workers. They utilize the Internet for the online training portals as well as when they start to work. Broadband in the Lynchburg area allows the participants to continue their education with the Digital Works program.

“Frontier continues to make investments in its broadband network in southwestern Ohio and provide local families and businesses the connections and speeds they need,” said Bethany Yost, general manager of Frontier Communications. “We provide customers attractive options in broadband service and value.”

Service is now available in the Clinton-Massie School District area near Clarksville and the area of state Route 134 south of Lynchburg from Lynchburg-Clay High School south to Barker Road.

Frontier Communications also announced a Pay-As-You-Go option for broadband services across the state of Ohio. Frontier’s Pay-As-You-Go broadband allows customers to purchase Internet access for one, seven, or 30 days without a contract. This option gives people in the area the flexibility to not commit to a contract while allowing them to get Internet at a reasonable price. Customers only have to pay for what they need. Frontier is one of the first broadband providers to give this purchase option for its consumers.

“We are excited to bring this new service to our customers,” said Ann Burr, Frontier president of new product trials. “After the early success we’ve seen in Ohio, we plan to roll out Pay-As-You-Go broadband across our 27-state territory later this summer.”

Stu Johnson, executive director of Connect Ohio said, “Connect Ohio commends all of Frontier’s efforts to overcome barriers to broadband adoption. While its innovative prepaid landline broadband service offers convenience to intermittent users, more importantly it provides an alternative for the credit challenged or budget wary that are unable or uncomfortable entering into contractual term arrangements.”

Frontier continues to make tremendous strides in providing broadband for residents in Ohio and other states.  Frontier encourages residents to call 1-800-921-8101 toll free for information about service options. Businesses can call 1-877-501-5661 toll free for information about acquiring business-class speeds and Frontier’s $19.99-per-month broadband promotion.

For more information, visit Frontier’s website:


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