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Blog // Connect Ohio

Digital Works Inspiring Students: Roy Goddard

By COH Staff

Roy Goddard is a great example of how Digital Works is inspiring the lives of others.  Roy is from Scio, Ohio and is currently attending the training at the Digital Works Carrollton facility.  He is married and has three children at home.  Roy’s limited work history resulted from staying at home with his autistic son for 11 years.  Roy became aware of the Digital Works program after meeting Lisa Porter, the Carrollton Digital Works facilitator, at a job fair in Tuscarawas County.  He soon became involved in the program and has been thriving ever since.

Lisa recalled how quiet and reserved Roy was when he first started at Digital Works.  But through the training, Roy has become more outgoing and interactive in the class.  “Now Roy is the light of the classroom,” Lisa said.  She talked about how Roy has brought the class together and become an inspiration to others to overcome obstacles in their own lives. 

Roy explained how the program has helped him learn and gain more skills to become a customer service representative.  Specifically, he talked about learning about communications, resumes, and job interview skills.  Roy said, “I really enjoy coming in (the facility) every day.  It makes me feel like I have a purpose.”

Roy also talked about the wonderful people at the Carrollton Digital Works facility.  One of the first experiences he remembers was going to a potluck and getting to meet everyone.  Roy said that the experience of meeting many new people has been great. 

“I feel very lucky to have someone to ask questions” he said. 

Roy is hoping to finish the program soon and start the job search for full time employment to support his family.  Through Roy and others, Digital Works students show that the program is more than about job skills, but inspiring people to overcome obstacles and embrace their full potential.

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