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Blog // Connect Ohio

Digital Works Creates Fast Track Program

By Abby Mayer

The Digital Works facility in Logan County introduced the new “fast track” option October 15.  The “fast track” option provides attendees with quicker program training and the ability for individuals to find job opportunities faster.  The new program is intended for people who have previous experience with technology and customer service.

The Digital Works program in Logan County began in August of 2013.  Since then, the program has impacted many lives through helping connect people with the skills and employers in order to work from their own home.  The four- to six-week program focuses on customer service training.  Phases one through three train individuals on the basics of customer service and computer navigation.  Phase four trains individuals on resume writing and interview skills.  Lastly, phase five is when the individual is placed with a job opportunity.

The “fast track” program essentially skips to phase four.  Therefore, individuals with prior experience in customer service and technology are learning skills pertaining to finding a job, such as resume and interview skills.

Brett Pransky, workforce development consultant for Connected Nation, joined Logan County Digital Works in its introduction of the program October 15.

“There’s a whole lot of advice out there, there’s not a whole lot of good advice,” Pransky said. 

Through the “fast track” program, Digital Works is aiming to guide individuals with previous experience to the right opportunities for their future.

Follow the links below to learn more about Digital Works:


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