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Blog // Connect Ohio

Demand Aggregation

By Bart Winegar

Demand aggregation is the process of identifying a group of unserved residents and businesses who are interested in subscribing to high-speed Internet. The demand aggregation process is a vital first step when attempting to entice a broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) into an unserved area.

Connect Ohio assists with the demand aggregation process by mapping broadband inquiries and sharing the map and locations with potential ISPs. We routinely communicate with over 100 providers throughout the state to stay abreast of their expansion projects and bring awareness to potential markets.

A great recent example of the process is an unserved area of south Zanesville where a motivated resident collected the names and addresses of nearly 40 neighbors. Each resident expressed sincere interest in subscribing to broadband. Connect Ohio provided mapping resources and technical consulting and also facilitated discussions. Today we have an interested ISP conducting a feasibility study with a high likelihood of serving the area. We plan to post additional blogs as this project unfolds.

How can you become involved? The most efficient way to communicate your interest is to use the online web form.  However, we also accept broadband inquiries by telephone (866-881-9424) and email. If you live or work in an unserved area, and would like to be part of the demand aggregation process, we invite you to contact us.

Demand aggregation alone does not guarantee broadband availability, but without it, an unserved area is likely to remain unserved.



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