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Blog // Connect Ohio

Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson speaks at the 122nd Ohio Telecom Association Annual Convention

By Connected Nation


Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson (pictured left) spoke at the Ohio Telecom Association (OTA) Annual Convention about the need for increased digital connectivity on Ohio farms.

“If you look at our research on connected devices in a house, at business, and on a farm, the farms are on top of all of them with a greater average of connected devices,” said Johnson.

It’s well-known that farms are in competition with each other to produce and sell their products. Using the latest technology is an important aspect which, of course, requires reliable, high-speed Internet access.

“In order to compete, farms have to become more intelligent. They are early adopters of technology with advanced sensing and the usage of drones,” Johnson said.

A large percentage of farms researched in Ohio are either using drones now or have an interest in using drones within the next couple of years to enhance overall profits.

“In order to have the best supply chain management, they need better ability to interpret their data, manage their data, and use big data to make decisions,” Johnson said about farmer’s needs.

Big data decisions will allow better decision making year round for farmers, but the technology available for farmers currently isn’t equal.

“Our regional research shows that 67 percent of those farms have their primary Internet connection on dial-up, wireless, or satellite, which is pricey and not reliable for many farmers,” Johnson added.


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