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Blog // Connect Ohio

Lifeline Reform: A Connect Ohio Policy Blog

By Lindsay Shanahan

Timely with the release of last week’s  blog, the  Pew Research Center  released a new report on April 20 entitled, “The numbers behind the broadband ‘homework gap.’” Pew  estimates  that nationwide, 5 million households with children do not subscribe to broadband at home, and nearly one-third of households with school-age children and an income less than $50,000 do not subscribe. In her  statement    on the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate Modernization  Order  in which she discussed the homework gap, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel urged the FCC to also update the ...

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CenturyLink Announces Gigabit Service in Ohio: A Connect Ohio Technical Assistance Blog

By Bart Winegar

In case you missed the May 18 press release from CenturyLink, here is a portion of their major announcement: PATASKALA, Ohio – CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE: CTL) today announced the availability of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) fiber speeds to select business locations in Pataskala and Etna as part of a statewide launch to more than 3,400 business locations throughout Ohio. Why is this a big deal? A gigabit is one billion bits per second, which is over one hundred times faster than the fastest speed currently available to most businesses and residents.  It is also a tool for economic developers to retain and attract talent to an area....

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Guest blog: Digital Works Supporting Veterans

By Stu Johnson

This week, Connect Ohio is pleased to have Digital Works Vice President, Stu Johnson, as our guest blogger: It is an honor to write today on such an important national holiday. Memorial Day is a time for reflection, to honor those who have sacrificed their lives and express our gratitude to those who continue to fight for our freedoms at home and abroad. Digital Works and Connect Ohio are proud to honor our servicemen and women.  Digital Works would personally like to thank the 31 veterans currently participating in our program: Leonard J., Henry H., William K., Anthony P., Colin J., Robert B., Daniel B., Benjamin P., Peter N., Colton W...

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AOL Statistic Sheds Light on Need for Continued Broadband Education: A Connect Ohio Blog

By Brad Ingles

For most of us the old dial-up sound is a distant reminder of an outdated technology, but for others that sound is the sound of their current Internet connection. America Online, more commonly referred to as “AOL,” still provides Internet to millions of Americans. AOL admits that the reason their business has continued to see growth is video advertisements and not because of its dial-up services. AOL has been focusing on video advertising for over 5 years and has invested heavily in technologies to buy ads for television, online, and mobile. AOL’s new creation called One is focused on TV, display, attribution, and audience. As a result of...

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