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Blog // Connect Ohio

Network Stumbler - One of Many Potential Tools

By COH Staff

Tools utilized by providers, industry experts and network engineers are becoming safer and more effective to use while off the beaten path.  One tool in particular, called Network Stumbler, has caught the attention of providers and engineers alike. Recently, Connected Nation’s Wes Kerr had the opportunity to test NetStumbler and the tool’s ability to aid network technicians in conducting coverage estimation and validations of broadband provider service territories.  Network Stumbler, or NetStumbler, allows network technicians to conduct wide area network performance testing (such as interference sourcing, access point detection,...

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OTA Releases Telecom in Ohio Report

By Amanda Murphy

  The Ohio Telecom Association has released the 2012 Telecom in Ohio report, which includes interesting telecommunication and broadband statistics. ·       Ohio incumbent local telephone companies have lost 59% of their lines since 2000 (up from 43% in 2009), to competing technologies, such as wireless and VoIP.  AT&T Ohio has lost 66% of its lines. ·       32% of homes in Ohio are wireless-only and no longer have a landline phone number. ·       There are 3.5 wireless phones in use for every landline phone, up from 2 to 1 in 2009. ·...

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Washington County Sheriff's Broadband Story

By Lyndsey Kleven

Washington County Sheriff Larry R. Mincks spoke to Connect Ohio about the lack of high-speed Internet access throughout the county and the effects it has on his deputies and public safety. Connect Ohio research illustrates the significant impact of high-speed Internet availability in the work place, with broadband-connected businesses in Ohio bringing in $200,000 more in median annual revenue than those who do not use Internet. For the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the lack of countywide Internet access isn’t an issue of lost revenue, rather a concern about the protection of the deputies and well-being of county residents. The...

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Maximizing the Use of Propagation Studies

By COH Staff

As the expansion of broadband access into unserved areas continues to move forward, fixed wireless providers are faced with a list of questions regarding the best practices for facilitating a reliable last-mile solution. Developing a successful last-mile solution requires identification of potential subscriber locations, how to reach them, types of equipment to be used, and ways to minimize truck rolls. With all this considered, a provider must be mindful of keeping road time down and feasibly reaching the greatest number of customer installation. In order to maximize the opportunity of streamlining customer installations the wireless...

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