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Blog // Connect Ohio

Live Radio with Call-Ins: Underserved Rural Americans

By Rachel O'Morrow

On Thursday June 22, Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson arrived through the back doors of Idea Stream, WCPN’s NPR news station for The Sound of Ideas public affairs show. Johnson was escorted back to the green room to wait until the show was ready to air. He pulled out his notes, charts, and graphs to prepare for the live show and be ready to answer listener call-in questions. Once in the studio the host adjusted his microphone and headset, and then the show went live. Johnson began to discuss the importance of accurate data for rural broadband expansion and overall online equality for rural residents. He explained the small gaps of land that don’t...

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TECH WEEK: Ohio’s Shot at Being the Next Tech Hotbed

By Jessica Denson

It’s #techweek in America and the spotlight is not shining as brightly on Silicon Valley. Instead it’s places like Indianapolis, Nashville, and Cincinnati that are getting a lot of recent attention. That’s because they’re some of the nation’s fastest growing markets for tech jobs, according to an article in Money magazine which cited’s latest stats on jobs. Taking a closer look, you’ll see that Ohio is a stand-out with three cities in the top 20: Cincinnati (11), Cleveland (12), and Columbus (14). According to the publication BizWomen, the high cost of living and doing business in Silicon Valley tech communities was cited as...

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Roundtable Discussion: Why All Ohioans Deserve Broadband Access

By Connected Nation

In early June four men sat around a table in a soundproof room. With their headsets on and cables to each of their microphones covering the table, they were ready to talk about broadband and why it’s so important for Ohioans to be connected. Each man tested his mic with a “check one, two, three” and then the show’s intro music began. Sitting at the table were Stu Johnson, Director of Connect Ohio and, directly across from him, Town Hall Ohio radio show host Joe Cornely. To the left of Johnson sat Ohio State University Ph.D. candidate Mark Rembert and Ohio Farm Bureau’s Senior Director for policy outreach, Brandon Kern. As sound waves jumped...

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Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson speaks at the 122nd Ohio Telecom Association Annual Convention

By Connected Nation

  Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson (pictured left) spoke at the Ohio Telecom Association (OTA) Annual Convention about the need for increased digital connectivity on Ohio farms. “If you look at our research on connected devices in a house, at business, and on a farm, the farms are on top of all of them with a greater average of connected devices,” said Johnson. It’s well-known that farms are in competition with each other to produce and sell their products. Using the latest technology is an important aspect which, of course, requires reliable, high-speed Internet access. “In order to compete, farms have to become more intelligent. They are...

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