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Blog // Connect Ohio

Roundtable Discussion: Why All Ohioans Deserve Broadband Access

By Connected Nation

In early June four men sat around a table in a soundproof room. With their headsets on and cables to each of their microphones covering the table, they were ready to talk about broadband and why it’s so important for Ohioans to be connected. Each man tested his mic with a “check one, two, three” and then the show’s intro music began. Sitting at the table were Stu Johnson, Director of Connect Ohio and, directly across from him, Town Hall Ohio radio show host Joe Cornely. To the left of Johnson sat Ohio State University Ph.D. candidate Mark Rembert and Ohio Farm Bureau’s Senior Director for policy outreach, Brandon Kern. As sound waves jumped...

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Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson speaks at the 122nd Ohio Telecom Association Annual Convention

By Connected Nation

  Connect Ohio’s Stu Johnson (pictured left) spoke at the Ohio Telecom Association (OTA) Annual Convention about the need for increased digital connectivity on Ohio farms. “If you look at our research on connected devices in a house, at business, and on a farm, the farms are on top of all of them with a greater average of connected devices,” said Johnson. It’s well-known that farms are in competition with each other to produce and sell their products. Using the latest technology is an important aspect which, of course, requires reliable, high-speed Internet access. “In order to compete, farms have to become more intelligent. They are...

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STUDY: Connecting Ohio Can Mean Billions of Dollars in Benefits If Done Right

By Jessica Denson

Ohio is ahead of the curve when it comes to high-speed broadband Internet access. Ninety-two percent of those living in the Buckeye State have access, but connecting the more than 1 million who are still unserved or underserved would mean a one- to two-billion dollar economic impact, conservatively—benefiting Ohio’s communities, businesses, and families. That’s according to a study just released from The Ohio State University’s Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. In it, the study’s authors point to one of the biggest barriers to connecting all Ohioans—a lack of coordination of efforts. “Ohio leaders need to...

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UPDATED: AT&T to Offer Discounted Internet Service for Low-Income Consumers, Pending DIRECTV Merger

By Lindsay Shanahan

See 7/22/15 Update below! On July 2, AT&T  offered  to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to create a new “affordable, lower-priced, standalone broadband service to low-income consumers in AT&T’s footprint” if the company’s proposed merger with DIRECTV is approved by the FCC.  The request to create the program was made by FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, who has long championed and promoted broadband adoption initiatives. As proposed, for the next four years, AT&T will offer discounted broadband service to qualifying low-income consumers that do not currently subscribe to AT&T DSL service or are not...

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