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Connect Appalachia Broadband Initiative

Formed in late 2011, the Governor's Office of Appalachia in conjunction with Connect Ohio and Chesapeake Energy established the two-year Connect Appalachia Broadband Initiative (CABI), to address the broadband divide facing rural Appalachian Ohio. The Task Force was administered by Connect Ohio and is made up of public, private, and nonprofit leaders. 

View a full list of the CABI Committee Members

Download the most recent report-Results from Connect Ohio's 2013 Residential Technology Assessment: Technology Adoption in Rural Appalachian Ohio

Mission: The Connect Appalachia Broadband (CABI) Task Force intends to pull Appalachia Ohio to within state and national standards in broadband adoption by 2014 by identifying and coordinating resources required for facilitating affordable broadband access and driving adoption through digital literacy training.

The Task Force goal was to improve access by utilizing the successful local-level efforts of Connect Ohio's last-mile technical assistance team by broadening projects to a regional level and utilizing Connect Ohio's Every Citizen Online free basic computer and Internet training program to aid in increased adoption.

Finding from Connect Ohio's 2013 residential technology assessment show a 63% home broadband adoption rate in Appalachian Ohio, a ten percentage point increase from 2012. The CABI Task Force feels it has been instrumental in reducing the number of unserved households in Appalachian Ohio.

Bridging the Divide: Broadband and Businesses in Appalachian Ohio

Press Release: Governor's Office of Appalachia, Connect Ohio, & Chesapeake Energy Launch Connect Appalachia Broadband Initiative


Our 2011 report, Technology Barriers and Adoption in Rural Appalachian Ohio, revealed that 531,000 adults in rural Appalachia did not have home broadband and 124,000 report that service was either unavailable, or the speeds are insufficient in meeting their needs.

Press Release: Connect Ohio Highlights Increases in Appalachian Ohio Broadband

Connect Ohio Executive Director Stu Johnson and Director of the Ohio Governor's Office of Appalachia Jason Wilson appeared on NBC 4, WCMH-TV Columbus' The Spectrum with Colleen Marshall Sunday, February 19, 2012. Watch the video below.